PROJECT - Regulatory Guidance

Faced with impending changes from both the UK and European regulators, several clients have sought guidance of how best to balance full complaince with the appropriate use of service numbers.


Taking a pro-active approach has reduced the impact of call costs increases and served to avoid negative press campaigns and ensure compliance at all times.

PROJECT - Renegotiate Terms

Client stuck in endless contract with expensive mobile network operator.  Business growth means more an more international travel, an increasing number of newly connected SIM's and need to disconnect old SIM's.  Existing terms resulting in minimum contract early termination charges and incredible bill shock post roaming.  Take back control!  Client reduced quarterly expenditure by 40% and replaced entired handset inventory, now on 12 month contract terms.

PROJECT - Identify Effective Advertising


Client placing ad's in 134 locations ranging from bill boards to newpapers each day.  Required accurate means of counting effectiveness, requesting codes from users calling ineffective.


Simple per number solution.  Within 8 weeks increased advertising effectiveness by 23% and reduced spend by 30%.

PROJECT - Call Recording Solution

Client required call recording for both fixed line and mobile calls.  Custom solution employed, features:


  • Secure and protected proactively from fraud

  • Seamless and transparent for users

  • Client customer storage requirements by file if required

  • Instant playback

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