Energy Efficiency Consultation
Solar Pagola (pre-seed)

Developing Aluminium, Steel and Wooden Structures that combine being a solar array with being a useful structure

 - Solar Pagola home and garden extensions

 - Solar Car Ports

 - Solar Pole Barns and agricultural buildings

 - Recycled Grount Mount Solar solutions

Image by Cytonn Photography
Saved £123,000! (immervox ltd)

Client stuck in endless contracts for network and telco services with poor support and lacking tech strategy.  

Take back control!  Client reduced quarterly expenditure by 40%, new user devices for the home working revolution, flexible terms, faster more reliable internet, mobile and telco services.

Used Plastic Bottle on Beach
Raze the waste! (raze recycling ltd)


Support and initial investment to prototype of a waste reduction and compaction system for the home.  Fun from destruction of your waste, with added gamification for positive identification, preparation and processing of aluminium and other types.

 - Reduces "trips to curb" increasing storage density by up to 85%

 - Makes recycling fun, reduces number of collections required

 - Connected to the web, gamifying recycling 

 - A community and market for users

Call Recording (immervox ltd)

Client required call recording for both fixed line and mobile calls.  Custom solution employed, features:


  • Secure and protected proactively from fraud

  • Seamless and transparent for users

  • Client customer storage requirements by file if required

  • Instant playback