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Energy Efficiency Consultation
solar pergola 

Developing Aluminium, Steel and Wooden Structures that combine being a solar array with being a useful structure

 - Solar Pergola home and garden extensions

 - Solar Car Ports

 - Solar Pole Barns and agricultural buildings

 - Recycled Ground Mount Solar solutions

Fibre Optics

Designs, deploys, manages and develops mission critical networks.  

Powered by a team of experienced and talented engineers and project managers, the worlds most successful organisations trust immervox to deliver fiber, wireless networks, telephony and network security.

Image by JJ Ying
raze recycling

Support and initial investment to prototype of a waste reduction and compaction system for the home, with added web gamification for positive identification, preparation and processing of aluminum and other types.

 - Reduces "trips to curb" increasing storage density by up to 85%

 - Makes recycling fun, reduces number of collections required

 - Makes waste transport more efficient

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